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There isn’t anything in particular that qualifies me to write this blog.

I work with a small team of really smart, interesting, and honest people who help make each piece the best it can be. If you’d like to help make this blog more helpful to people, I would especially love to hear from you.

About me:

I’m Australian

I was born in Mitcham, Victoria. I lived in Heathmont until the age of 7, before we moved to Warranwood. My family live there to this day. I would describe my relationship with Australia as a complicated one. I love the nature, the sporting culture, the humour and the freedom of growing up in a country like that. I struggle with the individualism, entitlement, tall poppy syndrome and racism.

Australia has so much healing to do. It starts with the indigenous people. You can’t have a great country and neglect the foundations.

Auckland, New Zealand is home

In 2015 I moved to Wellington with an ex-girlfriend. We lived there for 10 months. The way the country made me feel never left me, even when she did. After a few more years back in Melbourne, an opportunity to move to Auckland for work came up in mid-2019. I jumped at the chance and never looked back.

Opportunities New Zealand has given me:

  • First paid TV comedy writing gig
  • A feeling that I belonged somewhere
  • First full time job
  • Friends
  • A feeling that I’m okay just the way I am

I don’t know almost everything

I thought I used to know things, but lately I have realised that I don’t really know anything.

Some of the different lives I’ve lived include amateur golfer, comedy writer, TV producer, start-up founding employee and inventor of the world’s most popular online writing competition for high school students.

At one time or another, I thought each place was my final destination. I lead my life with a big heart. I have gotten better at looking at the data and pairing that with my intuition when it comes to decision making. I am more of a tortoise in the way I move between phases in my life. It’s hard to watch the hares race on by, but tortoises like me are happiest making a few small, meaningful steps every day. We all end up in the same place eventually.

I’m a pretty happy person

I read a lot on how to improve myself and then I try to put what I’ve learned into action. When something works, I tell as many people as I can. I make mistakes. All. The. Time. At home, at work, when nobody’s looking. I call them out kindly, see what I can learn and do better next time. I think that this is the engine room of a great life.

More about me:

  • I like to watch cricket, AFL and golf highlights. I rarely watch an entire game. Highlights, I always have time for. Sport makes me happy and makes me feel safe.
  • I love being great with money. 5 years ago my grandpa gave me a copy of The Barefoot Investor and it changed me life. I invest in low-cost index funds so I can invest my time in the people I love and the things I want to do. I don’t believe in real estate as an investment.
  • I’m a messy minimalist. I own very few things. But my partner and my colleagues will be the first to tell you that I tend to spread them out.
  • I go to the supermarket every day. As much as I love to buy myself treats, I also love the walk there while learning something from a podcast.
  • I love nice restaurants. Every Saturday, Sierra and I will pick a restaurant and have the best time.
  • I am an eldest child. My brother is a graphic designer, working for my dad’s graphic design business of 30 years. My sister works at an advertising agency in operations. Mum works in the cafeteria of my old school. I try to call one family member each weekend. I love living in a different country, but I miss everyone a lot.