What I’m doing now

Updated April 2nd 2024, from my home in Auckland, New Zealand.

ebook: How to get a job you actually love in a Kiwi startup

Last week, I published an ebook! It’s for people that want to fast-track their career, accelerate their life-plan and avoid spending years of their life working boring jobs they don’t care about.

After pre-selling a few copies, I figured that was a pretty good reason for it to exist.

It’s 40pgs of easy-to-read instructions on exactly how to get a job in a Kiwi startup, written by someone who’s worked in Kiwi startups for 8 years (me!) 

For $100, I’ll send it to you and as a bonus, I’ll also personally review your CV.

If you don’t find it helpful for the price, I will fully refund you.

To purchase a copy for yourself or someone you care about, email me at deanrobertwatson@gmail.com

This is what the Sierra-illustrated cover looks like:


Sometimes you come across a startup that you simply must investigate further. I felt that way when I came across Crayon, which is making major financial events in employees’ lives easier, starting with the traditionally tumultuous parental experience.

Last week, I sat down with Crayon founder Steph and had the sort of conversation that just made me want to get stuck in. At the end of it, we decided to have a crack at working together to see if we have fun, so that’s what we’re going to do over the coming weeks/months or whatever it turns into!

EdTech Jobs NZ

One thing this job search has shown me is that it’s hard to learn what EdTechs exist, let alone which one of the 10 job sites a hiring notice has been posted to. As is typical of all industries, great roles in EdTech often go unadvertised.

EdTech Jobs NZ makes it easier for people to find their next job in EdTech, while also making the task of finding great talent easier for the EdTechs themselves.

In the group you will find:

  • All the EdTech jobs currently open in New Zealand
  • A list of every EdTech in New Zealand
  • A list of organisations that support the EdTech ecosystem
  • The latest events happening in EdTech

The group has 22 members. Once it reaches 100 we will start an email newsletter which will conveniently deliver all the open EdTech jobs and EdTech-loving talent straight to your inbox.

My great friend Adam Walmsley (co-founder Code Avengers) and I started the group. We are happy to catch up for a hot chocolate with anyone who works in or is interested in EdTech. We’ll do our best to save you a bunch of time and point you in the right direction.


Sierra and I have started a podcast called The Grounded Circle, where we discuss wellness, relationships and spirituality while sharing our personal stories. We’ve done 7 episodes so far and it’s been a surprisingly fun!

Take a listen and leave a review if your heart yearns to.